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Ideas from Elsewhere

Ideas can bubble up from anywhere. Daytona Beach doesn't need to invent ways to re-invigorate our neighborhoods from scratch. Communities that have struggled with the same issues have found inventive and successful approaches to bringing people in to enjoy what their urban area has to offer. The links below connect to people, places, businesses, events and activities that can serve as inspiration for our own revitalization possibilities. These are not necessarily all ideas that are perfect for Daytona Beach, but we think they can open up our minds to new possibilities. Dig in! And if you have inspirations to share, please contact us with your suggestions.

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White Out Dinner

A phenomenon that started in 1988 in Paris has mushroomed into a tradition that draws tens of thousands to dine in public spaces around Paris. Three years ago, the effort went international. In Philadelphia 1,300 people gathered at Logan Square for a “combination flash mob and pop-up picnic.” Diners brought their own food, tables and chairs. (the fee covered a special-event permit, band, DJ and other costs.)

Build a Better Block Pop-up Street Fair

Build a Better Block is a non-profit that promotes a block-by-block citizen driven plan for community revitalization. One method they promote is pop-up events. The 'Designs' section of the website offers free plans for making pop-up furniture, kiosks and more.

Friends of Downtown

One way to generate a base of funds for events is a "friends-of" group. The group be centered around an activity, area or event. Friends of the Bandshell is one group already in place in Daytona. This group in York, PA is centered on promoting events that bring people to the downtown center.


Makerspaces bring DIYers together with tools, instructors and like-minded tinkerers. Tech Shop is one well-known example, but independent makerspaces are popping up in many cities.

Tiny Town Powered by Imagination

This hands-on play-space allows children to explore the real world in a supervised, kiddie-sized space.

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