C4RD is a 501c3 nonprofit formed to encourage the City of Daytona Beach provide a better quality of life for our citizens. The development initiatives in Daytona Beach tend to focus on the “big game-changer” projects. We want to help the city take a more holistic approach to development that allows all our neighborhoods to be sustainable, pleasant places to live. Follow the links, above, to learn more about our efforts and our community.


 We don’t hold public meetings, but as involved citizens, members meet often at City Commission, Redevelopment Board and neighborhood group meetings. We hope to see you there, too! If you want to be on our email list or have an idea to share , contact us by email at C4RDDaytona@gmail.com  Read more...

Is It Time for a TROLLEY?

New and renovated hotels are proliferating on the beachside, with a variety of restaurants. Beach Street features new restaurants, Jackie Robinson Stadium, Brown and Brown headquarters, and a proposed 290 unit apartment complex along the Riverside Esplanade under construction. Complaints about the limited parking in the downtown, and the expense of parking beachside, abound. Could a trolley route pull it all together?  Read more...

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     What's NEW on MMB

A commercial corridor that literally runs through a college campus should be a bustling hive of activity. Not so for Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Boulevard. In the core of Bethune Cookman University (with an enrollment of over 4,000 students) and near both Daytona State College and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, you would expect a scene of lively coffee shops, bars, music venues and restaurants. Instead, MMB is run-down and often desolate.  The City is proposing a beautification plan that seems to offer little more than putting a minor gloss on the same old thing. Read more...

The MYTH that development pays for itself

You've heard the promises: we can only pay for the services we need with growth; growth will more than pay for itself; growth is good! NOT TRUE! This landmark study by the Farmland Trust shows why the idea that growth pays is only a myth. In fact, some types of growth costs existing taxpayers MORE. Learn more here

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The C4RD Platform :
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