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Visions, Plans and Promises Unkept

Over the years the City of Daytona Beach has done multiple studies to define an ultimate vision for the city.  For a variety of reasons, these plans have sadly failed to see reality. C4RD wants to know: what part of these visions and plans below would you like to see become reality and what part could you play?

Cover of Daytona Beach Vision Plan report
Cover of Main Street Redevelopment Area Plan
Cover of E-Zone Master Plan
Middle of DtD
Cover of Urban Land Institute Main Street Study
Cover of South Atlantic Redevelopment Area Plan
Entertainment Strategy ZHA 1994.png
Cover of Midtown Area Redevelopment Plan
Cover of the Midtown Redevelopment Area Strategic Plan for Commercial Redevelopment
Cover of Downtown Ballough Road Redevelopment Area Plan
Riverfront Master Plan (2).pdf.png
Bottom DtD
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