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Orange and yellow sunrise with 2 birds

The C4RD Platform

Change isn't easy. But Daytona Beach clearly must make a change if we are going to build a vibrant community that's as welcoming to its residents as it is to our visitors. At C4RD, we believe there are a few key areas where change will make a big impact on our quality of life, now and as we go into the future. We believe that our representatives in city government should focus on the following 5 areas. Since the inception of C4RD, some PROGRESS has been made.
  1. Replace the City Manager with a responsive and creative individual with a proven track record of city management and community development success. DONE!
  2. Continue to improve Code Enforcement policies and procedures. Progress is ongoing.
  3. Create a program to promote and support small business development. Small business training offered February 2024, business facade grants available.
  4. Adapt city zoning to make workforce housing more affordable. ADUs are now an option for many homeowners
  5. Fill vacant positions on citizen boards promptly. This remains a problem - a concerted recruitment campaign is needed.
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