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The E-Zone Color Palette

"The building color is selected from a muted palette of grey, white, grey-blue, beige, grey-green and dusty terracotta. Accents can include color in signs, vegetation, awnings and furniture. Accents may also include crisp white or brushed metal trim, railings, sun screen shutters, brackets and supports. Lighting should be metallic and/or painted white fixtures."  The EZone Master Plan Vol. I

Pale blue and green color swatches
pale green and beige color swatches
pale blue, green and gray color swatches
golden beige color swatch
pale peach, green and blue color swatches
In other words, cool, reflective tones, not THESE colors:
Hot Leathers storefront
Harry's facade
Bank and Blues facade
vacant storefront with red canopy
Bulldog leathers storefront
777 Main Street
 - which seem to be borrowed from Deadwood!
Deadwood South Dakota postcard picturing westeern-style downtown
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