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The Laundromat

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The laundromat at 511 Main St was in desperate need of repairs.  On January 7, 2017, there was an active leak inside. On January 22, 2017, the doors were open, the floor was squishy, there were holes in the ceiling, nothing appeared to be working and no one was around.

Are they really selling t-shirts?

There are guidelines for outside vending during the bike event weeks.  One very clear guideline is that the outside vending area must sell merchandise that is identical to what is being sold inside the business.  This very dilapidated laundromat was selling t-shirts during Bike Week 2017 without ever having sold t-shirts inside the laundromat.

We decided to do a photo documentation of the laundromat interior throughout the year.  While it may look like we are simply posting the same picture over and over again, that is not the case.  This laundromat just doesn't change, at least not yet.

Wow - What a Difference!

In 2020, the Main Street Barbershop, a long-time  fixture on the street, moved to the former laundromat. From a dilapidated wreck, the space has been transformed into a clean, attractive storefront. Great job!

freshly painted barbershop on Main Street
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