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Midtown Development Master Plan

Students at the Florida A&M University School of Architecture, led by Andrew Chin, Assistant Dean and Director of Architecture Programs , and his colleague, Professor Craig Huffman, tackled the task of creating a master plan for redevelopment of the Midtown area of Daytona Beach. Over a dozen graduate architecture students surveyed the community and interviewed residents and business owners, holding community workshops and frequently touching base with the Midtown Redevelopment Board.  In December, 2011, their interpretation of the public’s vision of Midtown was presented as the Master Plan. A decade later, little has been done to bring the plan to life. The African-American community has a rich history Daytona Beach, as an educational, cultural and economic driver, especially in Midtown. The unrealized opportunities in highlighting this history are particularly felt reading through this vision of 'what could be.'

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Commercial Redevelopment Plan

The Florida A&M plan was wide-ranging and very aspirational. The next plan on the stack is a more data-based plan, focused on identifying businesses to serve the residents. So far as we can identify, only a draft version of the plan is available.

Cover of Midtown Redevelopment Area Strategic Plan for Commercial Development
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